G1 Safety Standard

This standard is designed to improve the level of safety at Airsoft fields. During ballistic testing, I’ve found that the existing safety rules are counter-productive if the goal is to be safe. This standard can work indoors and outdoors, at any distance, with any type of airsoft gun.

Under this standard, airsoft guns are sorted into types: Type 0, Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. An airsoft gun’s type is determined by its muzzle energy, which is calculated by chronograph results. Airsoft guns that are Type 0, Type 1, or Type 2 have a terminal energy limit of 0.8 Joules. Type 3 airsoft guns are those that cannot fit into the other categories, whether it is because their muzzle energy is too high, or if they use projectiles that are not standard 6mm plastic BBs. In these cases, a Minimum Engagement Distance (MED) is calculated so it can conform to the 0.8 Joule terminal energy limit.

This standard does not have any limitations on fire modes, so full-automatic and burst modes can be used. Instead of restricting fire modes, this standard uses a rate of fire limit of 2 rounds per second, or 120 rounds per minute.

pdf G1 Safety Standard.pdf
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