AoS 3D Model Set


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This model set turns an Elite Force H8R into an Ace of Spades revolver from Destiny. The pieces attach to the H8R with only a couple of bolts and no modifications to the pistol itself are required. The hex cylinder pieces slide into the gap in between the original mock cylinder and frame.
This set has two versions of the main body. One set has a hole cut in the side to expose the mag catch, while the other uses a lever that is concealed under the body to move the mag catch.

In addition to the printed pieces you will need a few metric bolts in these sizes:
M3x30 x2
M4x25 x1
M4x35 x1
M4x30 x1

This set includes nine models in .stl format.

Don’t have a 3D printer? A set of prints and hardware are available here.