Standard Magazine Models


A collection of magazine and shell models.


If you are looking to design an Airsoft gun that uses standard magazines or shells, this collection contains models for many different standard magazines and shells for Airsoft guns/grenade launchers. They also include just the essential measurements for fitting the magazines to an Airsoft gun or for designing accessories around the magazines/shells.

This collection includes STL and STEP files for:

  • M4 / AR magazines
  • AK magazines
  • G36 magazines
  • M14 magazines
  • MP5 magazines
  • P90 magazines
  • Thompson magazines
  • UMP magazines
  • TM SIG 552 magazines
  • TM VSR 10 magazines
  • L96 magazines
  • SHS XM26 magazines
  • KWA TK45 magazines
  • Kriss Vector magazines
  • TM G-Series GBB magazines
  • CYMA G17 AEP magazines
  • Snow Wolf CB88 magazines
  • M82/M107 magazines
  • H8R disk magazines
  • 30rnd shotgun shell magazines
  • APS 12ga gas shells (Gen 1 and Gen 2)
  • Generic 40mm gas shells
  • Taginn Master Key shells
  • Taginn plastic shell casing for Mk2 projectiles
  • Taginn Gen 1 gas shell
  • Taginn Gen 2 ‘Evo’ shell with rifled tube
  • ICS MC201-202 box magazines (with the standard M4/AR adapter)
  • AC-TD1500R box magazines (with the standard M4/AR adapter)