The Batt-Box


A quick-change system for AEG batteries.

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The Batt-Box makes it fast and simple to change batteries on your AEG. The Batt-Box base plate attaches to any standard picatinny rail, so it’s compatible with any AEG that has rails. It also uses your existing batteries which you trust, whether they are lipos or NiMh batteries.

The Batt-Box clicks into place when you slide it into its base plate. This makes it easy to securely plug your battery into your AEG. It’s also easy to unplug your battery using the Batt-Box; simply slide your hand under the latch on the base plate, and it releases the Batt-Box.

The Batt-Box fits into a standard AR/M4 magazine pouch, so extra batteries can be carried in an easily accessible place. The Batt-Box’s design also prevents you from inserting it into the base plate backwards or in an incorrect way, so when it slides in it connects every time.

The Batt-Box has connectors for both power output and balance charging. In combination with the Charging Plate, you can charge your batteries from your smart charger without ever removing the battery from your Batt-Box. This makes it easy to keep your battery charged in between games, so your battery never runs out of power in the middle of a skirmish.

This set includes a Batt Box and a base plate to attach to your AEG. It’s available in three colors and two connector types; the more common Kyosho connector, or the T plug connector.

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Black, Tan, OD Green

Connector Type

Kyosho (Green Plastic Connector), T Plug (Deans)