The ‘Sni-puh’ Rifle

The ‘Sni-puh’ rifle has been designed to be the opposite of the Petite A.S.S.. While the latter works perfectly in indoor CQB environments, it is at a disadvantage at outdoor fields. As a result, something is needed that can shoot farther than anything one’s opponents can muster to have an advantage in wide open outdoor areas.

The ‘Sni-puh’ rifle is approximately 6 feet long and weights about 35 pounds. It is powered by an HPA tank that is attached to the right of the receiver. The sights are offset to the left of the receiver so that the magazine can be placed on top. Instead of being chambered in standard 6mm BBs, the ‘Sni-puh’ rifle is chambered in 68 caliber reball. This makes it possible to out-range all other airsoft guns that we know of. While most “sniper rifles” can use BBs that weight as much as 0.48 grams, the reball used by the ‘Sni-puh’ rifle weighs about 2.66 grams each.

The muzzle velocity varies quite a lot; the peak velocity is 495ft/s while the lowest is 292. This gives it a peak muzzle energy of about 30.8 Joules. While this muzzle energy value may sound scary, the reball projectiles’ drag coefficient is higher than standard BBs. As a result, the kinetic energy of the reball projectile drops to a safe level after about 150 feet.

With the bore as wide as it is, the ‘Sni-puh’ Rifle can be rechambered for different projectile sizes. This will allow it to be used as a testing platform for new projects in the future.


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