The Petite A.S.S.


An HPA powered 12ga shotgun!

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Being what could be the world’s first true airsoft shotgun, the Petite A.S.S. is in a class of its own. What sets the Petite A.S.S. apart from other airsoft guns is its use of standard 12 gauge shells; Using standard shells allows you to load different types of ammo. Some loads can include: standard airsoft BBs, Nerf Mega darts, Re-ball, and whatever else you can fit into a shell!
The Petite A.S.S. is powered by high-pressure air (HPA) which provides enough power to propel whatever you load. The connector on the end of the grip is compatible with any standard paintball quick-disconnect hose. Unlike most other HPA powered airsoft guns, the Petite A.S.S. does not require an expensive regulator. 10 airsoft BB shells are included.


  • Uses standard 12ga shells to allow diverse loads
  • Shoots about 60(!) BBs at a time
  • Emits a relatively loud ‘bang’ when firing compared to other airsoft guns
  • Extremely reliable due to the small number of moving parts
  • A low muzzle velocity (~210ft/s) allows for safe shooting indoors
  • A top rail is available for mounting an optic sight
  • The Petite A.S.S. does not require a regulator

Make sure to stock up on ammo before going to the field!

*The Petite A.S.S. has an orange muzzle to comply with federal law.

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