The A.S.S. I


A 12ga break-action Airsoft shotgun.


The A.S.S. I is a HPA powered 12ga Airsoft shotgun that is perfect for clearing rooms in a CQB environment, while also being effective at medium range outdoors. By using standard 12ga shells, the A.S.S. I shoots ~60 BBs at a time! It also shoots at a lower muzzle velocity than some rifles (~180-250 ft/s), making it safer to use indoors.

The A.S.S. I features a top rail to attach sights or a scope (if you would even need one!), and can be broken into two pieces for more compact storage and transport. The two halves of the shotgun are connected by using three pins; When not in use, there is a compartment in the stock to store the pins and unlocking lever.

If you would like to reload faster, it’s possible to disable the locking mechanism by removing a single pin. With the locking pin removed, you can open and close the action simply by rotating the fore-end.

The A.S.S. I connects to its HPA tank by using a standard remote line for paintball markers. A regulator is not required!


  • Overall Length: 44 in.
  • Weight: 3 1/2 lbs.
  • Fire Mode: Single shot
  • Muzzle Velocity: 180-250 ft/s
  • Max Air Pressure: 1000 PSI
  • Hopup: None
  • Package Includes: Gun, Instruction sheet, 10 pre-loaded shells